Loyalty - About Clubhdf

CLUB HDF is a unique, multi-tiered Loyalty program by Hyderabad Duty Free. One can enroll for the program while shopping at Hyderabad Duty Free outlets at Hyderabad International Airport or even at our website www.hyderabaddutyfree.com. CLUB HDF offers exclusive benefits and privileges for our loyal customers. As a member, each purchase automatically lets members earn points which can be redeemed as dollars for any future purchases.

Membership Benefits

Base points earn with every ₹65 purchase by Member

0.50 point

1 Point

2 Points

Additional privilege points on high value purchases by Member




Base points on purchase made by family and friends




Tier upgrade bonus points


500 Bonus Points

1000 Bonus Points

Airport lounge access


Airport access: 3 times/ year

Airport access: 6 times/ year


The Loyalty Program at Hyderabad Duty Free is multi-tiered loyalty program that offers special access, benefits and privileges to its members. The program offers members with a range of benefits, including access to offers and discounts prior on products and services.
The Loyalty program is for Individual International passengers only. It is not a Corporate/Group membership Program.
You will be able to enjoy exclusive member benefits and experiences, the latest HDF news, promotions and product Offers. The higher your tier, the more benefits and exclusive rewards you will enjoy. Privilege points on Purchases over ₹6500. The privilege points will be credited to loyalty member account in the 1st Week of every Quarter i.e. 1st Week of January/April/July/October.
Simply Register at Hyderabad Duty Free on Arrival/ Departure stores at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad on any purchase by just providing your Mobile Number prefixed with the country code which will be the unique membership number. For activating your membership, email-id and signature is must with the 1st purchase.
Points are the extra benefits which the customer enjoys and it is calculated on the net purchase value and you can start earning points right from your purchase and there is no minimum value of purchase required for points accrual.
Purchases made by Loyalty members Family and Friends can also be earned as points against a Loyalty member by mentioning the MOBILE NUMBER which was registered as against that Loyalty member and also confirming the members NAME.
Your Membership can be used only at Hyderabad Duty Free on Arrival/ Departure Stores at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport only.
Accrued Points can be redeemed at next Purchase on either Arrival/Departure Store at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport only. The points can be redeemed only against purchase of goods at Hyderabad Duty Free. No Cash Refund against Point Redemptions under any Circumstances. For redemption, the minimum purchase value must be ₹1000. The value for Redemption is 100 points =₹65. This is subject to change from time to time. Please check with cashier for the same at the time of billing.
The points can only be redeemed by the member on producing his/her registered Passport in Original.
Accrued Points shall be valid for a Period of 18 Months from date of accrual and shall automatically lapse thereafter. Once the accrued points are lapsed they cannot be reinstated.
In case of change of Mobile/Passport Number, the Member has to send an Email to our Loyalty Club ID clubhdf.loyalty@gmrgroup.in at least 10 days prior to the travel date along with supporting documents [Self-attested scan copy of Passport] for updating.
Tier Upgrade will be done on 1st January every Year while considering the qualifying Criteria over the preceding 12 months. For Tier Upgrade and accrual of associated bonus points, only purchase transactions made by the Individual Loyalty Member i.e. transactions made by family and friends will not be considered.
For becoming Gold members from the silver member, a customer has to make a total purchase of over ₹65,000 in a calendar year (Jan-Dec). Gold member enjoys the benefits of bonus points on Tier upgrade, access to International and Domestic Premium Plaza Lounge at RGIA 3 times in a year.
For upgrading your tier from Gold member to platinum member, the member has to make a purchase of ₹1,30,000 and above in a calendar year (Jan-Dec). The privilege and benefits he/she gets and enjoys are bonus points on tier upgrade Access to International & Domestic Premium Plaza lounges at RGIA 6 Times in a Year.
The points cannot be exchanged for Cash in Part or full and the Accrued Points are Non-Transferable.